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Prescriptive Blending

What is prescriptive blending?

 I am qualified to create a prescriptive blend of essential oils especially tailored for your needs.  From my extensive essential oil collection, I choose the most appropriate oils for you and incorporate these into a treatment for you to use at home.

Aromatherapy does not have to include massage, if this is not your preference. Aroma-alone products can be used on their own or following a massage treatment to prolong its effects.  

Aroma Inhalers and Aroma Rollerballs are easy to use and handy to keep in your pocket for on-the-go aromatherapy. 

I can also create a bespoke essential oil blend to add to a lotion, gel or oil base.

I will need to talk to you about your needs.  Please call me on 07506 199630 or send a message via the Contact Me page.