To book an appointment call 07506 199630

What to expect

Your first appointment will begin with an initial FREE confidential consultation of up to 30 minutes, to include a full medical history and questions about your health and general well-being.  Please allow extra time for this.  Thereafter it's important that you let me know any changes, however small, since your last visit.  

At each appointment I will choose essential oils uniquely for your needs on that day, and create your own personal blend which is then diluted in a carrier oil ready for massage.  You will be covered with blankets at all times and I protect your dignity by only exposing the area of the body I'm currently working on.  

I will give you aftercare advice to ensure you gain the most benefit from the treatment.  Following the massage, you should feel a sense of well-being.  You may feel relaxed or revitalized, your mood lifted and sleep well that night.

Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare beforehand for a treatment? 

  • if possible, please shower or bathe ready for body massage 
  • do not use a sunbed prior to your appointment 
  • avoid eating a heavy meal or drinking alcohol within 2 hours of your treatment

When should I not have a treatment? 

Contra-indications to massage include:

  • infectious or contagious disease 
  • sickness or diarrhoea within 48 hours 
  • open wounds/fractures 
  • high temperature/fever 
  • recent major surgery  
  • recent history of thrombosis 
  • waxing within 24 hours 
  • inoculations within 48 hours  

If you develop any of these after making your booking, please call me so I can advise you accordingly.   

How can I use essential oils at home?

You can buy essential oils and use them at home in various ways - diffuser, inhalation, massage, skincare, in the bath etc.  It is important to check the quality of essential oils and choosing organic is the best option.  Essential oils should never be ingested or used neat on the skin as they are highly concentrated substances.  You can buy essential oils, base products and books on essential oils through my Neal's Yard Remedies Organic online shop.